About us

Hi, I’m Jamie Canaves, the human behind the cow at Dinky Cow– I’d shake your hand but mine are usually covered in paint.

The idea behind Dinky Cow is a) you should get to have your cake and eat it too — cake is delicious after all and b) children’s desire to play, learn and imagine should be nurtured. All hand painted canvas art and kids drawer pulls can be customized (colors/characters changed) and/or personalized (name/saying added) so your nursery or kid’s room looks exactly as you envision it. You can learn more about customizing as you wish on our custom nursery decor page.

I still fondly remember artwork and drawer pulls I had growing up in various themed rooms and strive to pass that along. Kids should fall asleep dreaming of going to space and eating s’mores over a campfire with their new alien friend or get to visit their very own circus with jungle animal friends every day. With this in mind I try to bring fun, whimsy, imagination, lovable characters and sneak some learning into the art.

So get in line, let Lionel-lion paint some cow spots on you and enjoy your visit!