Free Printable Christmas Gift Tags

I’m behind a bit this year and only just got around to making some free printable Christmas gift tags. My already enormous to-do list seems to be endlessly expanding forcing me to drop down on the list the fun things I love making and doing for the important must-be-done-now things. But I’m determined to hold … Read more

Christmas Ornaments – Handmade Shabby Chic

I have an absurd amount of Christmas ornaments. It just took a mind of its own somehow over the years. It doesn’t help that every year I can’t help but buy at least a few new ones and always find myself making some. This year I got it into my head that I was going … Read more

Thanksgiving Decorations Printable – Free DIY

And just like that Halloween has passed (and left a bowl of candy on the corner of your desk you may or may not be eating from) and it’s time to start thinking of Thanksgiving. I wanted to create something fun and educational that could be customized and I think I succeeded with this Thanksgiving … Read more

Halloween Paper Dolls – Frankenstein’s Star Wars Costumes

    I have no idea how I think of these things, but for some reason I decided I needed a paper doll of Frankenstein in his heart boxers choosing between a Princess Leia costume and a Yoda costume–Choose, wisely, you will–and so I made it. I hope to make some more fun variations and … Read more

Halloween Countdown with Skeleton October 2013

Three Halloween posts almost in a row– I must either really be excited or still tunneling my way through a bag of candy opened insanely early this year. The details aren’t important. *Hides wrappers under keyboard* I’m that person that starts counting down my birthday at least a month before. Same goes for Christmas and … Read more

Halloween Finger Puppets Kids Activity

I know it’s still September and yes, I roll my eyes also when I see Christmas items already for sale in the summer but I also know you have to prepare in advance for coming holidays. Plus I love fall holidays and get excited early. That’s why I took the time this morning to make … Read more

Finally have a taco holder!

Some things, while really stupid, are incredibly annoying. Having to assemble an army of tacos for dinner and having them constantly falling over and spilling ingredients out is one of them. Specially when you have a dog that believes herself to be a goat and must eat everything. She lays wait below me for one … Read more