Custom Nursery Decor

As You Wish Artist Created Custom Nursery Kids Decor

It’s frustrating when you find the perfect design but it’s the wrong size. The perfect kids canvas art but the color doesn’t match. Even Goldilocks didn’t get the right porridge, chair or bed on her first try. That’s where Dinky Cow comes in- let us create it for you as you wish…Have a specific color palette in mind? we’ll customize the colors to match. Want a dinosaur eating a bowl of spaghetti? just ask. I’ve customized furniture, lamps, library carts… matched wall paper, quilts, artwork…It doesn’t even have to be for a nursery or kid’s room. I’ve created custom decor for doctor’s offices, children’s hospitals, orthodontist offices, candy shops (YUM!) and worked with Interior Designers/Decorators. So please don’t be shy, tell us your idea and what you’re looking for-